How to write holiday greetings in ASL

Learn how to write holiday greetings in ASL (American Sign Language). Explore, experiment, and learn. Note that ASL writing is relatively young.

happy new year ASL writing
Adrean Clark, January 1, 2017. 'ASLwrite' writing system.

The new year greeting was written by Adrean Clark -- glossed as "HAPPY NEW YEAR 20|17".

season greetings in ASL writing
ASL written by Jolanta Lapiak, 2013. 'si5s' writing system.

When I learned how to write ASL, using an ASL writing system (si5s), I tried writing this greeting message which was one of my first ASL written messages: "Merry Christmas and happy new year", 2013.

Before you jump to copying, note that there may be a few easily overlooked errors. As I acquired ASL writing more, I caught an error in this ASL verse.

Second, a si5s writing system is used in the message which I learned earlier. However, I'm currently using ASLwrite where it provides me and the Deaf/ASL community the freedom to contribute ideas to allow it evolve to more an efficient system.