ASL writing exercises

Practice writing ASL at the beginning level. Grab a piece of paper and pen (or your device and stylus). Copy each of the sentences below and practice writing the sentences.

How to write 'I love you' in ASL writing
ASL sentence created by Jolanta Lapiak, 2018.

Copy the sentence "I love you" in the vertical structure from the top to bottom. Oh, I forgot to add the period punctuation to close the sentence. Like children learning to write English and typically forgetting the punctuation, I'm also learning to writing ASL and I'm learning to remember the punctuation. So remember it! :)

In the image above, the ASL sentence in the left column is in still motion and you can see the animated movement of writing in the right column. If you don't see the loop, you can refresh this page. Finish your sentence with a little 'heart' symbol in the middle (half heart in the image).

please put your phone away now
ASL sentence created by Russell Bartholomew, 2017.

Copy the sentence above and write the sentence "Please put your phone away. :)". Glossed as: NOW/\ YOUR PHONE-TEXT/\ PUT-AWAY PLEASE :).

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