Written ASL for: cool (neat)

Definition: Fashionably attractive or impressive.

ASL writing for COOL

Top left: raised eyebrows. The curved line represents a chin. The right digit represents the "20" handshape, twisting on the cheek.

Written ASL contributed by Adrean Clark, ASLwrite.

ASL writing for COOL

ASL digit contributed by Todd Hicks, July 2017. Mouth morpheme: oo, "5" handshape wiggling with the thumb on the torso. The top right digit represents 'raised eyebrows' along with the 'oo' mouth morpheme.

ASL writing for COOL

Redo by Todd Hicks, April 2018. A minor change in this digit.

ASL written for fingerspelled loan COOL

Written ASL digit for "COOL" (fingerspelled loan) contributed by the ASLwrite community, July 2018.