ASL sign for HAVE

To possess, own, or hold.

This two-handed sign is a formal citation. But, either one-handed or two-handed sign can be used interchangeably in daily conversation.

Keep in mind that the verb "have" in English has many different concepts; thus, there are different signs for different meanings on the sentence level.

For example, the English sentence "I can't have you insulting Bob like that", you cannot use the ASL sign, HAVE. Instead, you use the concept: "not accept; refuse to tolerate"; that is NOT+ACCEPT(neg).

Old ASL: this sign HAVE was seen signing by George Veditz in his 1913 film, "Preservation of the Sign Language".

Related signs: RETAIN.

Gloss: [assert]ACTUALLY HAVE ONE[assert]

English equivalent: There actually is one thing.

ASL written for HAVE

ASL digit written and contributed by the ASLwrite community, 2017.