HALLOWEEN is one of few ASL words that have so many regional variations! Be aware of which one is commonly used in your region. Here is a few ones. More videos of other variations will be added.

Definition: masquerading evening of October 31st observed in North America


Regional variation. Video contributed by Teresa Fleming of Manitoba.

Related signs: treat or trick, CANDY, PUMPKIN, COSTUME, PARTY.

A four-year-old girl wishes you a HAPPY HALLOWEEN.

ABC Story, "Halloween" by Cara Barnett. She demonstrates how to do a great A to Z Halloween story in ASL. She presents three samples. Notice another regional variation of HALLOWEEN she uses. Enjoy.

Printable ASL for HALLOWEEN
ASL written for HALLOWEEN

Whole handshape in front of the face diverting from each other twice.

ASL digit written and contributed by the ASLwrite community, 2017.