ASL sign for: eat

Put food into the mouth and chew and swallow it.

Same sign for FOOD. Whether it's a noun or a verb depends on what position this sign is in a sentence.

There are some more synonyms for EAT below.

To put food into mouth using a spoon or a fork (e.g. eating cereal, soup, and such).

To put food into mouth such as eating some popcorn, nuts, or such.


Antonym: DRINK

Gloss: /\MY CHIPS/\ SOMEONE (2h)EAT++ CL:container+CL:level-down.

English equivalent: Someone has been eating my chips.

Topicalization: eyebrows raised for "MY CHIPS". Mouthing "TH" for the last part of the sentence. Though, the signer used this mouth morpheme but it may be subtle.

ASL writing for EAT

ASLwrite (2016): to eat.

eat a lot

To eat a lot; to eat plenty of.

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