ASL sign for: eat

Put food into the mouth and chew and swallow it.

Same sign for FOOD. Whether it's a noun or a verb depends on what position this sign is in a sentence.

There are some more synonyms for EAT below.

To put food into mouth using a spoon or a fork (e.g. eating cereal, soup, and such).

To put food into mouth such as eating some popcorn, nuts, or such.


Antonym: DRINK

Sentence or phrase

Gloss: /\MY CHIPS/\ SOMEONE (2h)EAT++ CL:container+CL:level-down.

English equivalent: Someone has been eating my chips.

Topicalization: eyebrows raised for "MY CHIPS". Mouthing "TH" for the last part of the sentence. Though, the signer used this mouth morpheme but it may be subtle.

Written ASL for: eat

ASL writing for EAT

ASLwrite (2016): to eat.

eat a lot

To eat a lot; to eat plenty of.

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