ASL sign for DOCTOR

Definition: A qualified practitioner of medicine; a physician.

Same sign for PHYSICIAN.

Learner Tip: Do NOT use this sign for Dr. as in the honorific. Use a different sign (fs-DR). See the video below.

Meaning: written abbreviation for Doctor.

This ASL sign refers to the honorific name as in Dr. Last-Name. Not everyone with a PhD degree is a physician! It refers to people who have doctorate degrees.


Gloss: doctor told-me stick-out-tongue, fine ix-me stuck-it-out

English equivalent: The doctor told me to stick out my tongue, so I stuck it out.

Deaf ASL-signing Doctors across North America.

Dr. Hartley Bressler, Toronto, Ontario.

Dr. Jessica (nee-Dunkey) Nertomb, the first Deaf Metis doctor in Canada. Now in B.C., Canada.

Dr. Justine Durno of Scotland-born U.K. gave a panel speech in BSL (British Sign Langauge) via interpreter at the United Nations Assembly in New York City in March 2020 about accessibility in STEM and medical fields. She was also invited by Princess Nisreen El-Hashemite of Iraq to write a chapter in a book called "Women and Girls in Science."

Dr. Megan Jack, Winnipeg.

Dr. Michael Mckee, USA.

ASL written for DOCTOR

ASL digit written and contributed by Todd Hicks in the ASLwrite community, 2017.

ASL written for DOCTOR var

Variation of written ASL digit for "DOCTOR". [Adrean Clark, 2018]