ASL sign for COW

A fully grown female animal of a domesticated breed of ox, used as a source of milk or beef.

Formal citation. The movement of the hands can be once or twice.

Used in everyday conversations; informal register. The movement of the hand can be once or repeated twice.

Fun trivial tidbit: Cows do not have upper front teeth.

Related signs: MILK.

ASL printable for COW
ASL written for COW

The top part shows two "Y" handshapes between the curved line which represents the forehead. Two dots indicate a location of where the hands touch. The digit what looks like a quotation mark means two movements of the hands. The bottom line depicts a front face with the 'oo' mouth morpheme and the fingerspelled word "moo" moving forward (the bottom line with an end dot).

ASL digit written contributed by Adrean Clark in the ASLwrite community, 2017.