ASL sign for: watch

To look at or observe attentively, typically over a period of time.

Verb inflection: to watch him or her or them; to watch after. This spatial point may be varying to agree with the subject/object.

Eg: watching TV, listening to a public lecture, etc.

A plural verb of WATCH. To look at or observe attentively (e.g. casually observing people, watching people's conversations), typically over a period of time.

Gloss: /\PEOPLE CL:CROWD/\ IX2 AMBLE CL1:through-crowd IX1 CL2:look-at-IX2.

English equivalent: He watched him as she ambled through the crowd.

Use spatial agreement and appropriate directional verb (LOOK-AT or WATCH) for the subject (IX1) and the object (IX2).

ASL writing for WATCH

Plural form of WATCH/OBSERVE/LISTEN. The horizontal line shows listening to more than different people.

If the line moves downward from chin, it indicates: WATCH a screen, movie, or event.

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