ASL sign for TIME

Definition: A point of time as measured in hours and minutes past midnight or noon; o'clock.

Meaning: What time is it? What time?

Furrow eyebrows while signing TIME for the wh-question.

Q: How would I sign to a Deaf person "Do you have the time? Or tell me the time please?" Would they point to a "wrist watch" they have never worn or is there a sign for checking the time by using the cellphone (since most millennials do not wear wrist watches and have never used them to tell time)?

A: The ASL sign TIME is itself a word, regardless of one having a wristwatch or not. The ASL signs for phones (from dialphone to cellphone and smartphone) have changed or expanded but the ASL word TIME has never been changed.

As in 8 (or another number) times more than.

ASL printable for TIME
ASL writing for TIME

Writing system: si5s.

ASL for time variation

Variation (ASLwrite) for TIME.