ASL sign for: time

Definition: A point of time as measured in hours and minutes past midnight or noon; o'clock.

Meaning: What time is it? What time?

Furrow eyebrows while signing TIME for the wh-question.

Q: How would I sign to a Deaf person "Do you have the time? Or tell me the time please?" Would they point to a "wrist watch" they have never worn or is there a sign for checking the time by using the cellphone (since most millennials do not wear wrist watches and have never used them to tell time)?

A: The ASL sign TIME is itself a word, regardless of one having a wristwatch or not. The ASL signs for phones (from dialphone to cellphone and smartphone) have changed or expanded but the ASL word TIME has never been changed.

ASL writing for TIME

Writing system: si5s.

ASL for time variation

Variation (ASLwrite) for TIME.

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