ASL sign for SIT

Definition: To rest with the torso vertical or upright and the body supported on the buttocks which rest on a chair, the ground, etc.

Not to be confused with the movement of the sign for SIT or SIT-DOWN (one movement for this verb) and CHAIR (twice movement for this noun).

If you happen to see an ASL speaker signing more than one movement in a particular context, it's a plural verb (for example, telling everyone to sit down). That is, SIT-DOWN++++.

Related signs: CHAIR, PERCH.

Antonym: STAND

Gloss: soon ix learn bpcl-crawl cl-crawl infl-turn sitting

English equivalent: Soon she'll learn to go from a crawling position back into a sitting position.

How to write ASL for SIT

Written ASL digit for "SIT". [Contributed by ASLwrite, 2019]

One dot at the end of a line for one movement.