ASL sign for: SHORT

There are several ASL signs for different meanings for the concept "short".

Definition: Lasting or taking a small amount of time. E.g. a short time; a short story, a short answer, etc.

Related signs: BRIEF, TEMPORARY.

Shortly; soon (regional variation).

There are different signs for the concept of "measuring a small distance from end to end", sometimes in a single sign, often using classifiers. E.g. SHORT-SLEEVED. Examples below:

(person or sometimes animal) having little height; not tall. E.g. "a short person", "a cute small horse" (pony)

A string that is short.

A pencil that is short; a short pencil like one has sharpened a pencil for a period of time.

Pants that are short, unlike shorts, as if one grows up and the pants get smaller.

Related signs: SMALL, LITTLE.

ASL written for SHORT as in height

Written ASL digit for "SHORT" as in height contributed by Adrean Clark in the ASLwrite community, 2018.

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