ASL sign for: run

Definition: To go quickly by moving the legs more rapidly than at a walk.

Regional variation, used in the U.S. regions.

To run hurriedly.

Related sign: JOGGING.

Handshape rhymes (language play): RUN, FAST, SPEED.

Fun trivia: Of all the words in the English language, 'set' has the most definitions ('run' is a close second).

Sentence or phrase

Gloss: [t]telephone ring[/t] woman ix run[fac] cl-person-run[loc] cl-pick-up[loc] telephone

English equivalent: The telephone rang, and she ran across the room and answered it.

The signed "pick-up" has a classifier that represents a "telephone". The signed word "answer" doesn't fit in this context. It means an answer to a question in ASL.

Printable for run

ASL printable for run

Written ASL for: run

ASL written for RUN

Written ASL digit for "RUN" contributed by Jolanta in the ASLwrite community, 2018.

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