ASL sign for: red

Definition: Any of various colors resembling the color of blood and rubies.

The movement is generally twice, but when it comes to once, it may be bright red or bold red with the correct facial tone.

Gloss: people[t] in-crowd stand-out one girl hair bright red[stress]

English equivalent: Her bright red hair made her stand out from the others.

ASL writing for RED

Two possible written forms: the left (movement once) and the right (movement twice). Written digit contributed by Adrean Clark, 2015.

ASL written for RED

Another version of the digit for claw 1 handshape. Written ASL digit for "RED" contributed by Jolanta in the ASLwrite community, 2018 (the digit first emerged in 2015/16?).

Hmm, no words found now but, hey, it doesn't mean there is no expression for this concept in ASL.