ASL sign for PEACE

Definition: A state of tranquillity or quiet; freedom from civil disturbance.

The current trend #FOREHEADPEACESIGN in the hearing world is interpreted as #IAMSTUPID in ASL. The ASL/Deaf world sees this somehow as an ironical backfire for using cultural appropriation of our language.

Cartoon used with permission.

This cartoon, though not directly related to #FOREHEADPEACESIGN, succinctly expresses Deaf humor as a form of nonviolent resistance to oppression.

Related signs: STUPID, peace of mind.

Colloquial usage; difficult to describe meanings in different contexts.

ASL printable for PEACE
ASL writing for PEACE

ASL written for PEACE or PEACEFUL. Contributed by Jolanta Lapiak, July 2015.

asl written for PEACE

Variation. Contributed by Adrean Clark, January 2017.