ASL sign for MOTHER

Definition: A woman in relation to a child or children to whom she has given birth.

Phonological variation: wiggling fingers.

Related signs: FAMILY, MOTHER-IN-LAW, MOTHER's DAY. Antonym: FATHER.

Gloss: poss mother angry, command-ix-go-ix bedroom

English equivalent: Her mother angrily sent her to her room.

ASL printable for MOTHER
ASL writing for MOTHER

Contributed by ASLwrite.

Video: Phonological acquisition of the ASL sign MOTHER from baby to preschool age and eventually writing "MOM".

The "1" handshape is one of the unmarked handshapes. The baby Juli began with this handshape, then "A" and finally then "5". The thumb is one of the most difficult phonological aspects to acquire at early age.

In case you're wondering what the toddler signed at the end of this video. She uttered in ASL, MAKE HEART FOR MOTHER. Notice the handshape error (normal development) for HEART (incorrect "6" instead of correct "open 8").