ASL sign for KNIFE

An instrument composed of a thin, sharp-edged, metal blade fixed into a handle, used for cutting.

Dominant hand repeating on the stationary base hand. Not to be confused with EGG (simultaneous movement).

Gloss: ix-loc knife, me/i use for-for vegetable, to-chop

English equivalent: I use this knife for chopping vegetables.

When signing ix-loc knife, the eyebrows raise (topicalization). Also for the signed word vegetable. The gloss for-for acts as a rhetorical question (raised eyebrows) in ASL.

ASL printable for KNIFE
ASL writing for KNIFE

The dot on the edge of the left or passive "H" handshape indicates the location where the dominant right handshape touches while moving down twice. Image of the written symbol contributed by ASLwrite.