ASL sign for: ask

Definition: To put a question to; request an answer (from).

This base sign ASK is usually inflected in a sentence (verb agreement).

Informal register; colloquial. For learners, use the formal citation instead.

Verb inflection: ASK-ME.

Verb inflection. IX-ASK-ME. She/he asks me.

Gloss: /\TABLE/\ /\SALT/\ CL:container-on CL:table YOU CL:1-reach WAVE-NO PLEASE; /\ASK SOMEONE PASS-TO-YOU.

English equivalent: Please don't reach across the table for the salt. Instead, ask someone to pass it to you.

Grammar tips: watch closely for the spatial agreement and references, topicalization (raising eyebrows), descriptive and locative classifiers.

ASL printable for ASK
ASL written for ASK

Written ASL digit for "ASK". Contributed by the ASLwrite community, 2018.

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