ASL sign for: ILY (I LOVE YOU)

Used to express "I Love You" in different contexts. The ILY handshape is a combination of the three fingerspelled letters: I+L+Y (I Love You).

It is used to, often informally, express "I love you" among family members, as well as sometimes among very close friends, whenever appropriate. It can be used at parting, or used as a different meaning in contexts.

Variation of the movement. It is also used in Deaf Ameslan culture as farewell with love between loved and close ones.


Story and more explanation on ILY.

What a fun coincidence.

ILY traffic light
Image posted on FB (Feb. 15, 2019) by Michael Baker who found this near his home in Bernalillo in New Mexico, USA. No photoshop.

"Sometimes burnt LEDs can lead to something even better! [ILY icon] :D" -- Joseph Wheeler (Feb. 15, 2019, FB).

ASL printable for ILY (I LOVE YOU)
ASL written for I-LOVE-YOU

Written ASL digit for "I-LOVE-YOU" contributed by the ASLwrite community, 2018.