REMEMBER in sign language

ASL sign-word for REMEMBER

ASL signs for REMEMBER

How to sign REMEMBER in American Sign Language (and how to remember it).

Definition: to recall or make an effort to keep a person, event or thing in one's mind.

Pronunciation (sign description): Dominant "10" hand (handshape) with the thumb in contact with the temple of the head and the palm facing left if right-handed (location and orientation) moves from the forehead toward the non-dominant "10" handshape's thumb tip.

Etymology: The ASL sign-word REMEMBER originally came from KNOW+CONTINUE which became assimilated into a single production REMEMBER. Ref

Beyond basics

Equivalent to English term: "never-to-be-forgotten", "will never forget".

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Pronunciation (sign description): Thumb tip of dominant hand in contact with side of forehead (where location may slightly vary) firmly twists once with a particular mouth morpheme (pursed lips).

For learners, this ASL sign is more specific rather than generic. What it means that Deaf signers don't use this sign for every "will never forget" in English translation. In some contexts, Deaf signers use the phrase "WILL NEVER FORGET" or "NEVER FORGOT" while they use the other sign that refers to a specific meaning.

Slight variations of mouth morphemes or facial expressions and context may convey whether it's a negative or a positive connotation used by Deaf signers. E.g. "(after explaining a story) That's how I remember!" (positive connotation) or "What he did to me, I'll never forget it!" (negative connotation).

Observer how Deaf people use variants in Deaf community.

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Synonyms: Lisa the Bell Ringer had a very important task to do in the morning. She knew that because she had a string tied to her finger. Only, the bell ringer couldn't RECALL what it was she was supposed to do. She checked her calendar and all her notes to see if anything would JOG her MEMORY, but nothing seemed to work. She knew she tied the string to her finger to REMIND her to do something, but she FORGET what. She went around to everyone in town to ask if they knew what she was having trouble RECOLLECTING, but most of them just told the bell ringer to BEAR IN MIND that they couldn't KEEP TRACK of what they had to do and what she had to do, then they would shoo her away as they were waiting for the bell to ring before they could start their day. Everyone in town, it seemed had their own job, but no one could start until some one rang the bell. She asks just about everyone but nothing RANG ANY BELLS for her. Oh well, she thought as she went home thinking maybe it would COME TO HER later. It never did. It was a weird day, the bell didn't even ring, so nobody in town got anything done. Maybe she finally remembers something on REMEMBRANCE DAY.

Opposite: Never FORGET it again.

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