ASL sign for: gross

Definition: Something unacceptable or unpleasant to a very great amount, degree, or intensity; disgusting, repulsive or nauseating.

There are many ASL signs for 'gross'. Some are used primarily in Deaf schools. Some other signs are used in the Deaf community.

Fingerspelled loan is one of some common usage, especially among adults in Deaf community. Fingerspelled loan. Video above contributed by Lee Wingfield (2017).

This sign appears to be used in Deaf schools. Some may continue to use it after grad. But, many use other signs for 'gross'.

Another regional variation contributed by Mi Denson (2017).

Another variation used in some Deaf schools and among adults. Contributed by Jenny Locy.

Another variation in some Deaf schools.

For a gross profit or income, use fingerspelling "gross".