ASL sign for: giraffe

Definition: Definition: A large African mammal with a very long neck and forelegs, having a coat patterned with brown patches separated by lighter lines.

Learn some interesting facts about a giraffe. Or, learn how some classifiers (e.g. neck, vertebrae, tongue, etc.) are used in this video for ASL students.

Sentence example

Gloss: GIRAFFE/\ NECK CL:C-neck(2h) 6 fs-FEET CL-neck(ref) BONE CL-bone-vertebrae rhq-HOW-MANY TOTAL/\ 7(em) PEOPLE LIKE/SAME-as YOU+ME, SAME(em).

English equivalent: A giraffe's neck is 6 feet long. It has seven vertebrae in its neck just like you and I do.

Video (2017) courtesy of Nancy Barker, a Canadian Deaf zoologist.

Written ASL for: giraffe

ASL writing for giraffe


ASL writing for GIRAFFE

The top part stands for a lower part of the head and the bottom part depicts the handshape of "C". The slant line with the dot at the end represents the movement of the sign.

The written ASL digit was contributed by Todd Hicks, 2017.