ASL sign for: discuss

Definition: Definition: to talk about (something) with another person or group of people; talk or write about (a topic) in detail, taking into account different ideas and opinions; discussion.

Verb inflection: To discuss in depth between two persons (oneself and the other person).

Verb inflection + plural verb: to discuss with several/all people/others. [Video contributed by E. Lynn Jacobowitz, 2017.]

Related signs: CONFAB, DEBATE.

Sentence example


English equivalent: Wearing false eyelashes to make your eyes stand out.

The gloss WORSE has two different semantic symbols in ASL. One is the same meaning as in English (e.g. comparative of bad). The other meaning doesn't always mean the less of well. The gloss WORSE in this context can convey as "intensify", and many other English meanings. It's difficult to understand for learners at first.