There are two different meanings and signs for "don't have" that you regularly use and "have-not" which means a non-wealth economic group.

Meaning "not have"; "doesn't have"; "don't have" in a negation sentence.

Opposite: HAVE.

Meaning: An individual or group that is without wealth, social position, or other material benefits (contrasted with have).

Economically disadvantaged people.

Deaf Art

Art by Kim Anderson, USA
Image courtesy of Kim Anderson. "ACCESS: To Have or Not to Have" (2019),

This 8"x10" watercolor on Canson cold press, "Access: To Have or Not to Have", by Deaf American artist Kim Anderson states in her statement, partly excerpted "This is my first therapeutic art to process and express my life's journey as a Deaf human being... that of a solitary mainstreamed child without American Sign Language or role models... culminating to this day as an adult fully embracing my beautiful Deaf self with love, and pride in my Deafhood journey of living, learning and experiencing the world visually through my eyes rather than through my ears. I truly have no need for ears – well maybe just for aesthetic purposes. This artwork reflects the barriers and consequences imposed on Deaf people throughout their lives."

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