How do you say 'lawnmower' in American Sign Language (ASL)?

Meaning: A machine for cutting the grass on a lawn.

Pronunciation (sign description): For the ASL compound word "GRASS+CL:mower", dominant "4" hand with its back brushes backward twice the non-dominant lower cheek, then two-handed "S" hands with palms down move outward twice.

Related sign words

Dueling neighbors are the best to watch because they are always trying to outdo the other. The best observable thing is the LAWN with the greener GRASS. It all started with a PUSH MOWER that everyone had. Then one will buy an gas-powered walk mower only to be out done by the other who buys a newer model. Next thing you know it's a new ride-on mower. One of the modern ones that's remote controlled. Not to be outdone the other neighbor would get whatever the latest novelty in LAWNCARE was. Maybe a new-fangled drone that shoots lasers at the grass. That of course would be outdone by a futuristic system of lawncare bots, which would then be replaced by good old-fashioned artificial TURF after these morons ruin their lawns trying to one up one another. Still fun to watch! Now, watch them in the coming winter and see what they do with a SNOWMOWER.

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