Signs for SHOWER

Different signs, depending on what things fall on your head, whether it comes from a showerhead, clouds, or confetti well-wishers.

Meaning: Shower in which water is sprayed from a showerhead on the bather.

Pronunciation/articulation: Dominant loose "O" handshape flicks into loose "5" handshape in the space near the head.

Word associations: BATH, BATHROOM, BATHTUB.

Meaning: a brief fall of rain; light rain.

Pronunciation/articulation: Two-handed loose "claw-5" hands, palm down, move downward twice, mouthing "oo" to indicate a light rain.

Related signs: RAIN, SLEET, DRIZZLE

Meaning: a party held for a woman, in which guests give her presents for her future baby or getting married.

Pronunciation/articulation: Two-handed "European-T" apart and high in space move forward twice.

Examples of usage: "baby shower", "bridal shower".

Related signs: PARTY.

Related signwords

Deborah, a shower designer, invited all her college friends for a shower. None of them had heard about a marriage or pregnancy so they weren't sure what kind of shower this would be. Could it be a WEDDING SHOWER or a BABY SHOWER, many of them thought. They didn't know, so they all brought gifts that could go either way. Candles. Many of the guests were arriving late as there was a light DRIZZLE, if you will, coming down which always slowed up traffic. Despite the RAIN, Deborah's gathering had a pretty decent turnout. She gestured everyone to follow her to her brand new, innovative 10"x10" shower-pool combo of her own design. Not at all what they had expected, but everyone agreed that the candles were a nice touch.

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