Signs for STEAL

"One can steal ideas, but no one can steal passion." -- Tim Ferriss.

Meaning: To take another person's property without permission or legal right and without intending to return it; to take some possession what is not theirs.


Plural verb: stealing more than once.

Related signwords

THEFT is an age-old art of THIEVING. Like a white-hat or ethical hacker, Robin Hood, is a non-profit THIEF, stealing caged parrots and set them free. As for the bad thieves, they do all sorts of things. Like, a bum sleeps on the public bench, while the other bum next to him rifles through the sleeping beggar's pockets and PURLOIN anything of value. Or, a little, tattered girl with puppy eyes carries a rectangular, folded newspaper, against a traveler's stomach, while the other team girl rifles through a belt underneath and PICKPOCKET. Or, a normal-looking guy walks by a dainty girl with a karate black belt and SWIPES her purse. Shoppers SHOPLIFT. Patrons PILFER a toilet paper out of a restaurant toilet. A cheating student PLAGIARIZES a paragraph unknowingly from her own professor's work. It's not an honest living, but it's worse when the rich steals from the poor. Like, a white-collar banker EMBEZZLES 0.001 cent from the bank accounts. Or, war criminals LOOT residents' possessions and refrigerators. Or, a team of adventurous guys with the ski masks conduct ROBBERY on the plane, collected the whole stash of jewelries and cash, and jumped off the plane with parachutes just for the thrill of stealing.

Travel Gesture

This gesture can be understood well in some European countries, especially Italy where Italians are famously good at gestures.

steal gesture
Gesture 'steal', 2005

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