WEATHER in sign language

Printable ASL sign for weather

Feeling a bit under the weather? No worries, there is a sunshine at the end of this post. Well, I cannot promise.

ASL sign for 'weather'

How do you say 'weather' in American Sign Language?

Definition: The daily conditions of the atmosphere in terms of temperature, atmospheric pressure, wind, and moisture.

Pronunciation: Two-handed, upright "5" handshapes apart in front of the signer with the palms facing out, move downward in a wavy motion.

Sometimes, the variation is used: two-handed "W" handshape facing each other, alternating in movement, that looks like WINTER.

Word Related

Here are some signs for different types of weather. Ooh, Earth is one giant being with all kinds of feelings.

MOTHER EARTH woke up feeling a little blue. Normally she had a SUNNY and WARM disposition, but this time of year she was always a bit distant and COLD. She would get CLOUDY and cry that started SHOWER and RAIN, seemingly for no reason. Sometimes she would just snap and start STORMING all over. SLEET, SNOW, HAIL, all of it POURING DOWN in a fury. She'd get huffy and blow everything about that becomes WINDY. She'd yell really loud with her THUNDER and throw down LIGHTNING bolts. She'd kick up HURRICANES and TORNADOS and produce a great deal of FLOODING. Just when the humans start thinking maybe Earth was mad at them for all the pollution, she'd lighten up and let the SUN SHINE again. So the humans went right back to guzzling fossil fuels through their plastic straws.

Did you know that...?

FOX 13's weatherman Brek Bolton delivered a weather forecast in ASL sign language for the first week of 2022 on the weather across Utah on January 2, 2022. But, he actually has been signing a weather forecast for the previous five years on Facebook.

Video clip from Brek Bolton's Facebook page.

Deaf community in Salt Lake City really appreciates his weather reports in ASL.

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