Signs for TAPE

And a funny, teachable-moment anecdote at the end below.

Definition: A narrow strip of material, typically used to hold or fasten something.

Learner tip: Don't confuse this sign with DEPOSIT.

Variation, uncommon usage.

Learner tip: Don't confuse this sign with BANDAGE.

Deaf Culture and tidbits

Memorable Anecdote: a zap story

One day, I observed a witty Deaf ASL teacher in the beginners ASL course (grade 10) on the first day at a high school. As the Deaf teacher talked about syllabus and such in ASL with English translation through an interpreter, she talked about 'no voice policy' in ASL classes.

At that moment, one of the high school hearing students vocally spoke jokingly to his classmates, something like "She cannot hear us anyway." The good-natured teacher noticed him while the interpreter heard him enough to interpret what the student said.

The teacher paused her lecture. The whole class became silent. Then, she pulled out her desk drawer in front of her, and took out a couple of the items -- a gray duct tape and scissors.

The teacher walked across the classroom and presented the items on the male teenager's desk; all the classmates' eyeballs were drawn to him. Some classmates giggled, some were puzzled. Some curious.

The male student stared at the items, not understanding what to do with them. Ok, the teacher demonstrated, pulling the duct tape and cutting a piece of it, and offered it to him. He sat still, kind of confused or unsure. More classmates' giggles.

The teacher gestured to convey, "It's for covering your lips." The students burst into laughter. The teacher gave him the message in gesture -- something like "I heard you" and returned to her lecture. This small act was a form of resistance against everyday audist microaggression. Don't mess with her. :)

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