PIZZA in sign language

In American Sign Language, "pizza" is one of few ASL words that have several variations. Here is a few common signs for PIZZA.

Meaning: A dish of Italian origin consisting of a flat, round base of dough baked with a topping of tomato sauce and cheese, typically with added meat or vegetables.

Many ASL sign words such as PIZZA, NO, and others aren't really fingerspelled words; they are actually lexicalized loanwords. They were evolved into ASL words (signs) from fingerspelled English words.

Variation. Video contributed by Joseph Wheeler.

Another variation: Flat dominant hand ("open B" handshape) with the palm up and fingers pointing toward the signer moves toward the mouth twice. This palm orientation unusually makes the sign a bit awkward, but that's how deaf people use it. Think of this mnemonic as a slice of pizza.

There are a few more variations of PIZZA other than these few ones.

The secret to the best pizza in town was kept secret until now. As the Italian owner Mr. Pizza at his famous PIZZERIA made the pies, with DOUGH, tomato SAUCE, TOPPINGS, and CHEESE, the door of his safety box was accidentally left ajar in the corner of his kitchen. His secret recipe was his specialty. While most pizzerias used MOZZARELLA or a blend, Mr. Pizza used a special blend with GORGONZOLA or PROVOLONE he made himself. While most people seemed to prefer PEPPERONI or SAUSAGE and some vegetables like MUSHROOMS, another secret addition is JALAPENO and HAM. A lot of people try to get too cute with OLIVES or PINEAPPLE. These foods are fine, but a pizzeria isn't the place to get cute. Hungry now?

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