Signs for MEET

"How do you say 'meet' in American Sign Language?" It depends on whether you (most likely) mean to come across someone or to see a group of people, or you mean a sports event involving a lot of athletes or teams competing against each other.

Meaning: To come into the presence of by chance or arrangement.

Pronunciation (sign description): Two "1" hands or index fingers apart in space with palms facing each other converge toward each other till both forefingers meet. Make sure that thumb is closed like a fist.

Usage examples: "nice to meet you" in greeting or introduction, "I'd like to meet you again."

The ASL verb "meet" can be inflected and/or pluralized in several meanings. E.g. MEET-you+ ("meet you two" or "meet both of you"), "love to meet many people", etc.

Related signwords

Buddy is a sociable poodle. He loves to meet everyone of all colors, shapes and sizes. Until the day, he was surprised to bump into a rival, Kibe the cat, who he felt intimidated. He had not been FACE-to-FACE with this foe since last ENCOUNTER when he shot a mellow bark in her face and he got clawed. They exchanged pleasantries and the cat said it was nice RUNNING INTO him. Then instinct kicked in and he barked; the passer-bys quickly dispersed. The cat stood still there, saying "Perhaps we will COME ACROSS down the road, but for now, I have to SCHEDULE a nail sharpener. Till we meet again."

Look for a meeting? Oh, this is the wrong place to meet; come with me to the right MEETING.

Meaning: an organized event at which a number of races or other sporting contests are held. E.g. a swim meet.



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