Signs for HOUR

Meaning: One of the 24 equal parts of a day; 60 minutes; a particular time during the day shown on a clock or watch.

Pronunciation (sign description): Dominant upright forefinger in contact with right-facing palm of the non-dominant upright flat hand moves clockwise with a twist at the wrist with the dominant palm facing the signer after the twist.

Phonological variation: Dominant upright forefinger in contact with palm of the non-dominant upright flat hand moves clockwise without a twist at the wrist. The palm orientation of the dominant forefinger may be a bit various between facing the palm and facing the signer.

Meaning: 60 minutes; one hour.

Related signs

HOURGLASS also known as "sand clock" or "sandglass" is a pretty, old-time timepiece that you can turn upside down EVERY HOUR or maybe HALF HOUR.

Numeral Incorporation

Numeral incorporation (incorporating NUMBER + HOUR into a single sign) can be applied to numbers from one to nine only. From ten, you have to sign two separate signs.

Meaning: three hours. It's glossed as "THREE + HOUR" where there are two words.

This is an example of numeral incorporation glossed as "THREE-HOUR" where there is one sign.

Phrases: "within an hour", "within the hour"

Suppose it's 4:15pm now. "The bus will depart within the hour" means that it will depart by 5:00. "The bus will depart within an hour" means that it will depart by 5:15. "Within an hour" means "within 60 minutes" whereas "Within the hour" means "before the next hour is reached."

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Related signs: as soon as possible.

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