ASL signs for MOTEL

A road traveler says the one thing you'll need to become accustomed to is sleeping on the road… well, not literally on the road, but near it, in a bed, in a room, in a motel of sorts.

"How do you say 'motel' in American Sign Language?" Okay, here it is.

Meaning: a place you can stay overnight, with plenty of parking and easy access to a highway.

Pronunciation (sign description): Fingerspelling.

Related signwords

The motel rooms are full? Darn, try these other accommodations. Motels are by far Leroy's favorite because you get to go outside to fill your ice bucket. It's a big deal for him. HOTELS make you walk through a maze-like hallway, which just won't do. HOSTELS and BED-AND-BREAKFASTS force you to freeze your own ice in their freezers which is neither ideal nor beneficial. Sometimes he will stay in a LODGE or a DORM, but for the most part they lack ice and therefore are practically inhabitable, even just for a night. He doesn't mind GUEST HOUSES or AIR BNBS, as long as they have ice. Yeah, being a traveling penguin is hard, but not nearly as hard as frozen water.

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