FRACTAL in sign Language

Meaning: "a non-regular geometric shape that has the same degree of non-regularity on all scales." --

Pronunciation (sign description): Fingerspelling.

Related signs: GEOMETRY, MATH, NATURE.

Art through Deaf Lens

In my BFA year, my project, "Fractals in Music" (2004) focused on exploring what music means, based on the fractal idea beyond phonocentric thinking.

Video: "Fractals in Music" (2004) by media artivist Jolanta Lapiak.

As language is amodal, which means that language is independent from speech. It's brain-based language, regardless of the modality (signing or speech). Is music amodal? I sensed that music can be appreciated or understood in either visual, vibrational, or sound forms. More on music through Deaf lens.

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