Signs for OAK

Meaning: a large tree that has strong, hard wood and is common in northern countries.


Deaf Culture and tidbits

Deaf/ASL Culture

One of my most favorite Gallaudet stories is the oak tree. There was an oak tree in the spot what today stands is the statue of Thomas H. Gallaudet (co-founder of the first deaf school in America) and Alice Cogswell (one of the first deaf students) in front of the Chapel Hall.

President Edward M. Gallaudet (1837-1917) hired Daniel C. French (1850-1931), who was the sculptor of the Lincoln Memorial statue in Washington D.C., to sculpt a statue on the Gallaudet campus. Daniel made a condition that he got to choose the spot before he accepted the job. Incidentally, he chose the spot where the oak tree was. The oak tree was highly prized by Gallaudet students. After the president dealt with this wrestle of dilemma, miraculously one night, the lightning struck down the oak tree. Source: Gallaudet oral literature and printed source

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