Meaning: Name sign for Kamala Harris, U.S. Vice President (2021-2025).

[Video contributed by Arlene 'LeLe' Ngalle-Paryani, February 2021.]

Related signs: Joe Biden (U.S. President, 2021-2025 and Vice President, 2009-2017 with Barack Obama (U.S. President 2009-2017).

Deaf Culture and tidbits

About the name sign

When Kamala was selected as Vice President-elect in 2020, the Deaf POC community (specifically Deaf POC women), gathered together online to discuss a name sign for Kamala, the first POC woman to be Vice President of the U.S. Prior to the official name sign, fingerspelling was used as KAMALA.

On February 9, 2021, the Deaf POC group announced an official name as shown above.

A rationale for the name sign is: 1) Kamala proclaimed her preference for the name, Kamala. 2) Kamala means "lotus", 3) the handshape 3/K represents three identities being Black, Indian, and woman.

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