Signs for SOLITUDE

Meaning: the quality or state of being alone or remote from society; alone without companions.

Related signs: Solitude doesn't necessarily equate with ISOLATION nor LONELINESS. It's about a quiet time for inner reflection, PRIVACY, and/or PEACE to reach into our soul, to find deepest thoughts and truth, to get to know ourselves.

More related words: SECLUSION.

ASL Video Art

The 4-minute complex-simple, philosophic-poetic video art (2003) by literary media artist Jolanta Lapiak narrates about solipsistic solitude and an experience of being and existence, simply inspired by fish.

There are two versions: ASL and English. So pick one and enjoy. In ASL, the orange and white speech bubble circles represent the orange and white fish respectively.

ASL version

English version

In summary, the two fish discussed about existence, knowledge, and complementarity of solitude and connection. Humans are connected to each other in physical proximity, yet their perceptions and experiences are eternally untransferable to one another; thus, they are radically alone, that is solipsism -- the reality of self.

Quotes and Food for Thought

"A bore is someone who deprives you of solitude without providing you with company." -- Oscar Wilde (1854-1900).

The quote is somehow true for some Deaf people would rather be alone for serenity than socializing with hearing people in an all-hearing environment.

"Something puzzles me about Redmond’s pictures. There's such a wonderful joyousness about them all. Look at the gladness in that sky, the riot of color in those flowers. Sometimes I think that the silence in which he lives has developed in him some sense, some great capacity for happiness in which we others are lacking. He paints solitude as no one else can convey it, and yet, by some strange paradox, his solitude is never loneliness. It’s some sort of communion with Nature, I suppose" -- Charlie Chaplin.

Living in solitude like a hermit is kind of poetic. It invokes INSPIRATION and IMAGINATION. It creates space for CREATIVITY and ORIGNALITY.

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