Emerging signs (March 2020). Several possible signs in different contexts. They may be subject to changes as they may evolve over time.

Meaning: an action or behavior intended to stop or slow down the spread of infections or highly contagious disease.


Variation (social distancing of a person).

Simplified sign.

Related signs: CORONAVIRUS.

Deaf Culture and tidbits

Food for Thought

"Let's drop this term 'social distancing.' It's not right. What we need right now is social cohesion, and physical distancing." -- Dr. Chris Mackie (Twitter). March 2020.

Window Culture

social distancing in sign language
Photo by Sue Schmid, March 21, 2020

Sue Schmid's story: "Dad's care home is closed to visitors. I needed to pick something up and had the chance to chat/explain thru the window. Our new norm is usually chatting via iPad. The staff took a pic and submitted it to our local paper."

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