Signs for FLASH

There are many possible signs for "flash" that can mean different things, using different classifiers, locations, hand orientations, speed, duration, and other signifiers.

Meaning: A sudden brief burst of bright light or a sudden glint from a reflective surface.

For example, the video above shows a sign for a lamp that flashes multiple times (as seen in Deaf culture when one rings a doorbell).

Meaning: A light showing one or more flashes at regular intervals. E.g. siren.

E.g. ceiling lights are flashing by turning on and off quickly and repetitively.

Deaf Culture and tidbits

ASL Story

A Deaf person told a hilarious story I've heard (in ASL, of course). She told: We had a baby-crying detector installed in my baby's room. Whenever the baby cried, the light flashed in other room. When a light flashed, I came into the nursery room but everything was quiet. The baby was still sleeping. The Siamese cat was sitting quietly. I left. Again, the light flashed. I came in. Same. Again and again. I suspected something. I quietly waited nearby. The moment the light flashed, I immediately checked in to see the mischievous Siamese cat meowing loudly. This little rascal played a prank on me!

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