Meaning: loud and shrill; extremely harsh and irritating to the ear; ear-splitting.

Usage in near-native or native level of ASL. For beginners or intermediate levels, typically use "too LOUD.

Related words

The guest speaker at the outdoor "Ear-ring and Ear Piercing" convention left a french fry on the podium and a seagull flew down to gulp it. The seagull made a speech of their own as it squawked into the microphone. It was EAR-SPLITTING to hear that bird squelch. The whole crowd had to cover their pierced EARS. Everyone in attendance except for the janitor went home with EARACHES. If you're wondering why the janitor's EARS didn't hurt, it's because he was wearing EARPLUGS. He didn't want to listen to the boring ear hole speeches. The seagull did make some interesting points though.

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