FISH in Sign Language and Deaf Culture

This entry shows you how to sign "fish" in ASL. And, enjoy the Deaf German artist Albert Fischer's art below.

Printable ASL sign for FISH

There are two variations -- one casual and one formal citation.

Meaning: A cold-blooded animal that lives in water, breathes with gills, and usually has fins and scales.

Pronunciation (sign description): Dominant horizontal flat hand, palm facing left, in space, slightly sways a few times while slightly moves forward.

Variant; formal citation.

Pronunciation (sign description): Non-dominant horizontal flat hand with its palm facing right and its fingers in contact with the wrist of the dominant horizontal flat hand, palm facing left, both in space, with the dominant hand slightly sways back and forth a few times while the non-dominant hand stays unmoved.


Deaf Art

Art by Albert Fische
Art by Albert Fische

Albert "Fise" Fischer (1940-2003) is a Munich-born German Deaf artist as well as one of important human rights activist for Deaf.

"He often painted fish. On the one hand, because his name was Fischer. But above all, fish were symbols of deafness for him. Fish have no ears. Instead of fins, he painted signifying hands. Deaf people can talk underwater. Hearing people can don't talk in sign language, they would drown." (Heidemarie Fischer, his wife). Ref

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