Signs for CANDID

Definition: truthful and straightforward; frank.

Similar sign for HONEST, SINCERE.


Deaf Culture and tidbits

Deaf Humor/Entertainment

The student project Speak in ASL (2005) by Jolanta Lapiak (myself) is a hilarious candid video, depicting a compromise of communication between two worlds in which two native ASL speakers approached a hearing person in public and conversed with them in American Sign Language as if they were on Eyeth rather than on Earth.

"It has often been said that if you want to destroy a people, first destroy its language." -- Tully.

This quote impacted me as truthful in reference to hearing oppressors who have been destroying our (signed) languages through various forms of oppression such as forbidding sign language with deaf children in name of speech, which lead to language delay/deprivation (yet ironically, promoting sign language with hearing babies for more IQ).

More on this colonialism of speech language.

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