Learner tip: If you haven't noticed, the sign for BLIND is slightly different from the sign for the BLIND portion in DEAFBLIND. I.e. The location of BLIND is inside the nose while the BLIND part in DEAFBLIND is on the side of the nose or upper cheek.

Definition: Having a degree of moderate or severe loss of both hearing and vision.

Meaning: Deafblind support service provider.

Deafblind communication facilitator.

Deafblind intervener.

These last few videos were contributed by DeafBlind signer, Christine Roschaert aka "Coco", 2017.

Become more aware about DeafBlind how they communicate and how to interact with them.

Deaf Culture and tidbits

Famous Deaf-blind

Helen Keller (1880-1968).


"Without sign language, I wouldn't be able to grow my mind, open up my soul and tactile so many signing hands around the world. I cannot imagine my life now as a DeafBlind person without sign language. Imagine no ASL, how would I be able to communicate with human beings? That is one hell of a scary thought but unfortunately it is very common around the world. Language deprivation for DeafBlind is so, so real. Sign Language must be recognized as a human right." - Christine "Coco" Roschaert 2018

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