Meaning: The capital city of Sweden.

Pronunciation/articulation: Dominant "5-claw" handshape, palm down, on the top of the head, moves upward away from the head.

A signed loanword from Swedish SL. Video contributed by Mats Jonsson of Sweden.

Note: not to be confused by the similar sign for William Stokoe (name sign).

Related signs: SWEDEN.

Deaf Culture and tidbits

Deaf History

This website Handspeak was selected one of finalists in the Stockholm Challenge Award Finalists 2001 in the Culture and Entertainment category.

Stockholm Challenge award
Stockholm Challenge, 2001.

Stockholm Challenge (1994-2010) is "an international award programme for innovative use of IT. The focus is on how IT can benefit to people and society -- technology itself is not the issue but rather the enabler. Stockholm Challenge welcomes projects that use IT in an innovative way within their own sector." -- (quoted in 2022).

Deaflympics in Stockholm

Deaflympics was hosted in Stockholm, Sweden from August 24 to 27, 1939.

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