Signs for ROLE MODEL

Meaning: A person looked to by others as an example to be imitated.

Deaf Culture and tidbits

ASL/Deaf Art

Deaf literary media artist Jolanta Lapiak recorded moments during her 3-month sojourn in Nepal in 2004. She captured the moment at a school for the Deaf, where Deaf students of all school ages signed following an older, perhaps high school, Deaf student during the morning ritual.

Pupil and Role Model by Jolanta Lapiak
"Pupil and Role Model" (2007) by Jolanta Lapiak Mixed media.

Every morning before the start of classes at a school for the Deaf in Nepal, the Nepali Deaf children went outside for the prayer/anthem(?) led by an older Deaf student. The small pupil imitated the leader in Nepali Sign Language.

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