Signs for GET READY

Meaning: To prepare oneself or something for use or action.

Related signs: READY, ready, set, go.

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Grammar tip

Question (2016): I'm a linguist. I try to stick to conceptually accurate interpretations. However, I see the same people using conceptually inaccurate signs. Here is an example: [ link removed ]. In the video, he signs "get" (obtain) + "ready" in order to convey "to get ready." Although we say "get ready" in English, the conceptual sign of "receive or obtain" does not make sense. It seems wrong to me. We don't receive ready. Although deaf people may use it, it doesn't make it conceptually accurate. What do you think about this specific example? How do you sign "to get ready." In English we say "to get mad, hungry, married, worried" etcetera and it does not mean obtain.

Answer: Yes, you're right that this English transcription "GET + READY" is not correct in ASL. Some deaf signers grew up in mainstream schools with a limited exposure to native ASL (or other signed languages); also, some deaf grew up with oral education and later learned a signed language at late age.

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