Signs for ZONE

Meaning: A region or area set off or characterized as different from surrounding or neighboring parts =.

Otherwise, fingerspell it.

Deaf Culture and tidbits

Deaf Humor/Anecdote

On a few occasions, a user emailed me, explaining about their trouble or struggle with the videos that the sound volume didn't work properly on this handspeak website, even though they never had any problem on any other websites. Another user wrote, "Just curious. Do any of the videos have sound? If so, what plug-in do I need to be able to access the sound portion."

My reply to them was that this website is an ASL zone, which means no sound on virtually all videos on this website. They replied back with a sheepish laugh. ¯\_(?)_/¯

Is there a space where hearing ASL-signing people are not allowed to vocally speak when they can manually speak? And why. See the ASL zone post.

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