Signs for WITHIN

Because "within" is a preposition or adverb, ASL has its own grammar. For many sentences, there are different possible signs for the English word 'within'.

Meaning: inside or not further than a particular area or space.

Usage examples: "within prison walls

Meaning: during a certain period of time.

Usage examples: "Within three hours of the state's announcement, three of the state's Deaf schools have closed down.

Meaning: inside or not further than period of time; before a certain period of time has passed. See LESS and BEFORE. See HOUR for "within an/the hour".

Deaf Culture and tidbits

Deaf Art

"Looking Within" (2002) Art by Deaf media artist Jolanta Lapiak. Acrylic on 24"x30" canvas. Collector: Jeanine Gingras (2017)

Looking Within art
"Looking Within" (2002) art by Jolanta Lapiak.

Artist statement: "The lady (feminine) looks herself within by closing her eyes. Yet, she still can see through the third eye, looking within deeper (magnifier). She also sees through her heart (glowing pendant). The water in its nature of fluidity symbolizes impermanence. So are the eye-shaped clouds. Impermanence and transformation. The lady immerses in the water (feminine) behind the eye-shaped sunset (all-seeing from within). Being immersed in the water also parallels to an experience of baby surrounded by fluid in the womb - comfort, safety, trust. In the darkness with an illumination in the womb, the being sees through heart and mind."

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