Signs for LIGHT UP

The sign for "light up" can be inflected to several ways, depending on the sentences.

Meaning: To start to burn with a bright flame.

Meaning: to make or become light. E.g. "the sign to fasten seat belts lit up".

Meaning: to make or become bright, cheerful, etc. E.g. someone's face or eyes light up.

Deaf Art

Sensory Switch by Kim Anderson
Image courtesy of Kim Anderson.

The 8"x10" watercolor "Sensory Switch" (2019) by Deaf American artist Kim Anderson states about her artwork (as well as an advice) as follows:

"American Sign Language... was finally introduced to me during the summer of 1988 in college, just a month after I graduated from high school. That was when I had my very first group of Deaf peers and had my very first Deaf professor (first role model). It took me the whole summer of '88 to pick up the most natural language, ASL, among my Deaf peers. Once the educational system and my environmental surroundings switched to my visual sensory universe, using my eyes to access ASL and interpreting services, my whole world LIT UP! I finally got the "Pah!", "Aha!", "Got it!", "Yes!" and so on moments! Best of all, switching the access through my eyes rather than through my aesthetic ears, my brain started expanding, absorbing and getting the long-overdue cognitive stimulation towards healthy intellectual, and social-emotional growth. The point is, every Deaf baby should have their visual sensory universe switched on from day one."

Her story illustrates a very common experience among deaf people who grew up in mainstream schools (often isolated) and/or grew up with some limited access until they join Deaf people, Gallaudet University, RID, and/or Deaf community that opens up their social-cognitive growth with full access to (sign) language.

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