Signs for BEGGAR

Also "tramp", "pauper", "bum".

Meaning: a homeless person; bum.

For the term "homeless", use the phrases instead such as "IMPOVERISHED HOME NONE", "PEOPLE LIVE-ON STREET, HOME NONE', or fingerspelling it.

Related signs: HOMELESS, BUM.

Deaf Anecdote

In the 1980s, one Monday afternoon at a pool during the dry warm-up, a hearing swimmer asked her Deaf teammate in fingerspelling, "Last weekend, I encountered a deaf bum on the street in downtown. Why didn't he get a job?"

The Deaf swimmer thought for a moment, somehow a bit stunned and somehow embarrassed by her teammate's judgment. She replied in fingerspelling, "Did you mean it's okay for hearing people to be bums here and there. Is a deaf person not allowed to be homeless?"

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